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My name is Paul Henry. I’m an “early” retiree with 25 years of law enforcement experience in corrections, patrol, traffic homicide, line along with second tier supervision, and criminal investigations. Along the way, I picked up a decent amount of knowledge as to how computers function, and I’ve learned web design one page at a time. This site was initially set up as a forum for retired law enforcement professionals, but since this never caught on, it’s changed into a political commentary site. Although I’ve abstained from political activity for most of my life, in 2009 after being hit with an income tax penalty due to my age and management of my retirement income, I found that I could no longer do so. The political class of people in Washington are out of control and are not listening to the taxpayers and citizens they are supposed to represent. We have an incredible amount of national debt and yet they continue to spend money like there is no debt. I cannot live like this, and do not think our government should either.

Our nation is in bad shape due to a lack of leadership and creation/support of an entitlement mentality on the part of both major political parties. I was a lifelong Republican, but after the 2008 elections I found I did not care for either of the two parties. After doing a lot of research, I joined the Constitution Party. After a couple of years there and volunteering in an independent congressional campaign, I found that this country is sadly entrenched in the two party system. Regardless of how great your ideas and principles are, you are not treated the same as an independent candidate and your message simply will not get out. As of 2013, I’ve written off the GOP due to numerous and continuing anti-liberty legislation. I’m now a registered Libertarian.


As a critical and logical thinker, I don’t favor anyone over another unless they can consistently articulate why I should do so. You’ll see this site is equally critical of Republicans as it is Democrats if they fail to follow our rule of law known as our Constitution, or act in a hypocritical or inconsistent manner. Comments from paid subscribers are welcome, however the site is tightly moderated for spam and due to spam a free registration is required to comment. Any spam (advertising) links will be removed prior to comment approval, and only comments relevant to the subject will be approved. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, but please keep comments professional (i.e. no name calling or profanity) and written in a legible format. Although I retired from law enforcement, I’m still active in the grammar police field.

After several years, my websites have branched out. In addition to this one, I have one dedicated to the federal REAL ID Act, Floridians Against REAL ID.